Who is using wazero?

Below are an incomplete list of projects that use wazero strategically as a part of their open source or commercial work. Please support our community by considering their efforts before starting your own!


go-pdfiumPDFium bindings to do PDF operations in Go, also available as end application pdfium-cli
go-re2high performance regular expressions
go-sqlite3SQLite bindings, database/sql driver
wasi-goWASI host module for Wazero with experimental support for socket extensions
wazergoGenerics library for type-safe and high performance wazero host modules
WetwareSimple, secure & scalable clusters
mjml-goCompile MJML to HTML directly in Go
wzprofCPU and Memory profiler for WebAssembly modules, based on Wazero

General purpose plugins

ExtismSimplified cross-language extensibility in Go & a dozen+ languages
go-pluginimplements Protocol Buffers services with WebAssembly vi code generation
waPCimplements Apex interfaces with WebAssembly via code generation
wazero-emscripten-embindEmscripten Embind and code generation support for Wazero


http-wasm-host-goserves HTTP handlers implemented in http-wasm


Benthosimplements 3rd party extension via WASM processor
daprimplements 3rd party extension via WASM middleware
mosnimplements 3rd party extension via proxy-wasm


trivyimplements 3rd party extension via wasm modules
RunRevealSecurity data platform which uses Wazero for transforms and alerting
Impart SecurityAPI security solution with a WASM based rules engine using wazero as part of a security mesh layer

Cloud Platforms

scaleimplements Polyglot interfaces with WebAssembly via code generation
taubyteedge computing and web3 platform that runs serverless functions
YoMoStreaming Serverless Framework for buildnig Geo-distributed system
WetwareWeb3’s answer to Cloud hosting

Updating this list

This is a community maintained list. It may have an inaccurate or outdated entries, or missing something entirely. Changes to the source are welcome, but please be conscious that not all projects desire to be on lists. To ensure we promote community members, please do not add works that don’t use wazero to this list. Please keep descriptions short for a better table experience.