WebAssembly is a way to safely run code compiled in other languages. Runtimes execute WebAssembly Modules (Wasm), which are most often binaries with a .wasm extension.

wazero is the only zero dependency WebAssembly runtime written in Go.

Get Started

Get the wazero CLI and run any Wasm binary

curl https://wazero.io/install.sh | sh
./bin/wazero run app.wasm

Embed wazero in your Go project and extend any app

import "github.com/tetratelabs/wazero"

// ...

r := wazero.NewRuntime(ctx)
defer r.Close(ctx)
mod, _ := r.Instantiate(ctx, wasmAdd)
res, _ := mod.ExportedFunction("add").Call(ctx, 1, 2)


The best way to learn wazero is by trying one of our examples. The most basic example extends a Go application with an addition function defined in WebAssembly.

Why zero?

By avoiding CGO, wazero avoids prerequisites such as shared libraries or libc, and lets you keep features like cross compilation. Being pure Go, wazero adds only a small amount of size to your binary. Meanwhile, wazero’s API gives features you expect in Go, such as safe concurrency and context propagation.

When can I use this?

You can use wazero today! wazero’s 1.0 release happened in March 2023, and is in use by many projects and production sites.

You can get the latest version of wazero like this.

go get github.com/tetratelabs/wazero@latest

Please give us a star if you end up using wazero!